Individual Membership

Individual Membership Plan


Who it’s for: Individual mid-level managers

What’s included:

  • Virtual programs

    • Our virtual programs bring expertise from across the industry to your desktop no matter where you are. CCNG virtual programs include member interviews, live and on demand webinars (150+ on lots of interesting topics), Town Hall video calls, and online networking events.  Join us as we discuss hot topics, current challenges and priorities, and share member success stories.

  • Online forums focused on member-related topics

    • Our online forums allow for collaboration of information. You can learn from others to shorten your learning curve and get ideas to streamline processes and networking within the customer care industry. 

  • Regional field event invitations:

    • Imagine a room filled with professionals passionate about customer care; eager to grow, but facing the same challenges you are. CCNG’s member-based events are uniquely built to fit into your interests and get everyone engaged in the conversation, with the agenda being driven not by a vendor, not by CCNG -- but by you.

  • Knowledge base of member generated topics

  • Opportunity to be included in the CCNG membership directory -- by election only

  • Membership includes a single annual renewable membership


Investment: $600/year


You + your team spend your days serving others. It’s our turn to serve you.