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On Demand Best Practice Webinars

On-Demand Best Practice Webinars


CCNG's live and on-demand webinars include best practice knowledge presentations from industry thought leaders, member profile presentations, executive perspectives, and more.  Explore our library of 100+ on-demand webinars/videos on a variety of topics on the CCNG Contact Center & Customer Care Best Practices channel on BrightTalk.  These on-demand webinars/videos are available anytime and from anywhere, and are brought to you through these four Series:  (1) Knowledge Presentations; (2) Executive Perspectives; (3) Member Profiles; and (4) Trends & Directions.










Adding chatbots and voice bots are great first steps contact centers are taking to automate customer service. But what about other digital channels? Customers of 2022 are more likely to expect brands to communicate with them on their channel of choice.

Join this discussion as we:

  • Dive into the channels customers are using to connect with your brand and service
  • Discuss how organizations are revisiting their channel mix to meet growing customer demand; and
  • Share how to enable your agents to work across all channels so you deliver a professional multi-experience across all touch points

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Perspectives On Leadership is an executive interview series from the CCNG Magnet Program. These one-on-one conversations with Contact Center Leaders explore their perspectives, insights, and experiences on effective leadership. It is part of the CCNG Executive Perspectives webcast series.





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Learn how Apple Federal Credit Union has discovered the root cause of why their members contact their center and how they’re using this data to transform the way they think about and manage the member experience.

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David Hadobas of CCNG talks with Vince Lynch and Owen McGrath of IV.AI about the current state of AI in the contact center ... specifically if the technology lends itself to working effectively on a SaaS model.


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