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Special-Interest Knowledge Sets

Best-Practice Knowledge Sets























Each month we produce a Knowledge Set for members of the Magnet Program. These exclusive resources deliver research summaries, benchmark reports, white papers, articles, webcasts/podcasts, colleagues, consultants, and subject matter experts on a specific topic. Topics reflect the key priorities and special interests of our members. Knowledge Sets support better decisions, shorter implementations, and stronger programs. More than 30 Knowledge Sets are currently available to all Magnet Program members. 

Magnet Program members can request any current Knowledge Set by email to: Lon Hendrickson.


Knowledge Sets:

  • Conversational Service Automation
  • Developing Customer Empathy As A Core Competency
  • Business Continuity Preparation and Response
  • Re-Engage the Work-From-Home Workforce
  • Post Pandemic: People-Centered Perspectives and Considerations
  • Post Pandemic: Operations Strategy and Considerations
  • Messaging Channels and Strategies
  • Digital Transformation: Strategies and Best Practices
  • The Super Agent Strategy
  • Reducing Customer Effort
  • Social Care: Strategies and Best Practices 
  • FCR and NIA (Next Issue Avoidance)
  • Personalizing the Customer Experience
  • Proactive Customer Care / Customer Engagement
  • Chatbots and IVAs: Strategy and Impact
  • Chatbots and IVAs: Implementation Best Practices
  • AI in the Contact Center: Outlook and Impact
  • AI in the Contact Center: Getting Started
  • Knowledge Management
  • Omnichannel: Evolving Our Understanding and Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Analytics
  • Live Chat Strategies and Best Practices
  • Training Strategies and Best Practices
  • Virtual Training Programs and Strategies
  • Combating Agent Attrition
  • Hiring Strategies and Best Practices
  • The New Rules of (Employee) Engagement
  • Understanding CX Measurements
  • Work From Home: Operations and Management
  • Voice of the Customer Programs: Insight, Strategies and Best Practices
  • Self-Service: AI-Powered Chatbots and Virtual Agents
  • Quality Programs: Evolving Strategies and Systems
  • Cost Control and Cost Reduction - Concepts and Strategies
  • Implementing Speech Analytics – Best Practices and Strategies
  • Onboarding Strategies and Programs
  • Expanding Analytics Beyond Speech and Text
  • Virtual Queueing / Call-Back Strategies & Practices
  • Strategies to Handle Spikes and Surges